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काठमाडौं उपत्यकामा मेलम्ची खानेपानी पुनः वितरण सुरु -११ बैशाख, २०७९

काठमाडौंका धारामा मेलम्चीको पानी वितरण सुरु -११ बैशाख, २०७९

काठमाडौंका धारामा फेरि झर्‍यो मेलम्चीको पानी, दैनिक १९ करोड लिटर पानी वितरण गरिने -११ बैशाख, २०७९

KUKL CEO interview:मेलम्चीको पानी कसरी हुदैछ वितरण?आपूर्ति सहज होला?

मेलम्चीको पानी समानुपातिक तरिकाले वितरण गर्ने केयूकेएलको यस्तो छ तयारी -८ बैशाख, २०७९

अब काठमाडौं उपत्यका खानेपानीको बिल अनलाइनबाटै तिर्न सकिने छ, यस्ता छन् माध्यम -१९ माघ, २०७८

अनलाइनबाट खानेपानीको महसुल भुक्तानी, यी माध्यमबाट लिन सकिन्छ सेवा – १८ माघ, २०७८

केयूकेएलले थप गर्‍यो, दैनिक ३० लाख लिटर पानी, थप १ करोड लिटर पानी जोडिदै – ९ मंसिर, २०७८

KUKL CEO interview:

KUKL CEO interview:

KUKL CEO interview:

KUKL BOD Chairperson & CEO interview:

KUKL CEO interview:

मेलम्चीको पानी परीक्षण गरिएको छ ढुक्क भएर पिउनुहोस् चैत्र १८, २०७७

CEO interview in Abhiyan Daily 2077 Baishakh 1

Mirror of Water Supply andSanitatiaon Sector, Vol.1, year 1, pp. 36-38 (Published published in “Darpan)
Long time commitments and step-by-step improvements will give successful water management services. It is necessary to mention policies developed by GON for water supply and sanitation sector. In Ninth and Tenth Five Year Plan (1997), HMGN has set the policy of involvement of local governments and private sectors in development of water supply and sanitation, and invited expression of interest in 1999 for lease contract of Kathmandu Valley water supply services to private sector.
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KUKL responsible of drinking water supply in the Valley to start its work from mid-January
Kathmandu: The newly appointed chairman of Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited-(KUKL) Janak Raj Shah has stated that about 1100 employees of the NWSC will be shifted to the KUKL. While stating the plan to make Nepali manpower efficient with the assistance of the main donor Asian Development Bank, chairman Shah told that Nepali got the drinking water supply management in the Valley from the grip of a foreign company like Severn Trent and it is a challenging job.
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Push for KUKL to manage water supply
Kathmandu, Feb. 5: The Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Management Board has pushed ahead the process of authorising Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) for the operation of drinking water and sanitation services for 30 years in the Kathmandu valley, starting from February 13.